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What is a Programme Manager?

A Programme Manager is a senior-level role that involves coordinating multiple projects at any one time using a structured and balanced process. It is a role that requires meticulous organisation and management skills as it requires them to work across several different teams, departments and sometimes offices too. Most of their projects are centred around improving company performance and ensuring growth by closely monitoring deliverables, processes and teams to ensure the overarching outcome benefits the company in the short and long term.

A Programme Manager will be in charge of programme development project’s budget, reviews and assurances with wider stakeholders. They will also be heavily involved with the strategic side of any given project, developing forecasting and creating roadmaps for desired outcomes whilst prioritising resources and timeframes.

What kind of skills do you need to work as a Programme Manager?

The skills you need for Programme Management will vary from industry to industry, company to company, but typically require individuals to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, management or IT.

Experience in project management is also an attractive quality for potential employers as it shows that their analysis, time management and organisation skills are particularly strong. Qualifications can be gained from the Association for Project Management (APMP) or there is the Project Management Professional certification which are both good indications of skills and commitment. Other skills a Programme Manager would need include:

Programme Manager technical skills:

Programme Manager soft skills:

What Other Programme Manager roles are there?

There is a lot of confusion between the difference between a Programme Manager and a Project Manager as programme management incorporates a lot of the skills, methodologies and responsibilities of project management, however there is a subtle difference between the two roles.

Project Manager

Project Managers oversee individual projects that make up the larger programme that the Programme Manager coordinates. Project Managers largely focus on completing and managing more functional and immediate elements of a project and ensure deadlines and budgets are met, assigning team members responsibilities and tasks within the project and ensuring the quality of all deliverables.