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What is an Operations Manager?

An Operations Manager is a senior-level position within an organisation that oversees the quality of the company’s product, service offering or outputs. They ensure the standard of output is very high, conducting assessments of all aspects of production and reviewing processes constantly.

The work of an Operations Manager focuses on ensuring the reputation of the company is maintained and customer satisfaction is always high. They operate as a conduit between many different departments and provide important feedback, information and constructive strategy changes to create an environment of constant improvement. They will have an overview of market standards and make sure all products or service offerings meet regulation requirements.

What kind of skills do you need to work as an Operations Manager

Operations Managers typically have an undergraduate degree in in engineering, operations or project management, product development, etc. Experience counts for a lot in operations, and employers will be looking for strong technical abilities combined with leadership skills. This requires a broad set of technical and soft skills to develop:

Operations Manager technical skills:

Operations Manager soft skills:


What Other Operations Manager roles are there?

As Operations Managers can cover a wide range of products or outputs and it depends on the market or industry the business operates within. This means they can be focussed on customer experience, driving efficient marketing insights, product quality control. As such, there are lots of different types of Operations Manager but one of the most common is Customer Operations Manager.

Customer Operations Manager

Customer Operations Managers oversee and assess the performance of all functions that directly engage customers, such as marketing, sales and customer service. It is a very important function of many businesses and drives optimised customer experience for websites, products and improves on a company’s sales function continuously. They are very data-driven with an intuitive understanding of human behaviour and the psychology that drives customer satisfaction and sales.