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Develop your career in Data & Analytics with Davies

At Davies, our experts leverage their networks and industry insight to match Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Information specialists with roles that enhance their career development. 

Data Analysis

Skilled data analysts are some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. At Davies, we can support you throughout your career and find you roles that pay competitively and provide excellent perks, even at entry level.  

Roles we specialise in:

  • Data Analyst  
  • Senior Data Analyst 
  • Speech Analyst  


Data Science

Data scientist is a dream job for many IT professionals. Our specialist consultants can help make that dream a reality by finding your roles that cater to your skills, experience and long-term goals. With the rise of data science on an overall upward trend, it is a fruitful career choice where opportunities are rife.  

Roles we specialise in:

  • Data Scientist  
  • Head of Data Science   
  • Lead Data Scientist  


Business Intelligence

BI professionals are in high demand and it is a fantastic career to pursue. No matter your needs or the timescale, we can find you great opportunities within the field that will help you reach your career ambitions, whilst being paid competitively.  

Roles we specialise in:

  • BI Manager  
  • Business Intelligence Manager 



Data & Analytics leaders in Insurance are highly informed about the industry, have excellent understanding of the data available to them, its potential applications and how best to leverage that data to drive success. At Davies, we have the deep networks and knowledge to find roles that are suited to your needs and that also support your life outside of work.  

Roles we specialise in:

  • Chief Data Officer  
  • Head of Data Analytics 


Management Information

Management Information analysis is focused on using data from KPI’s, performance evaluations, sales figures and staff reviews to understand how well the business is functioning internally and provide solutions based on that data. If you are a professional looking for your next opportunity, Davies has the resources and experience you need to find your dream role.  

Roles we specialise in:

  • MI analyst  
  • MI manager 


 Here at Davies, we offer services designed to support you in securing your next role in the Data & Analytics in the Insurance sector. To start your journey with Davies, explore the roles available below.

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