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Customer Experience & Operations is what sets businesses apart in an increasingly consumer-led world. Davies leads the field in matching highly skilled CX professionals with the right roles that will help develop and drive their careers forward.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is a rapidly developing field. Knowing how to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and maintain customer loyalty elevates CX beyond customer service. At Davies, our team of specialists are experts in the field and can find roles suited to your individual needs.

Roles we specialise in:

  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Continuous Improvement Manager
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Director of Customer Experience
  • Head of Customer Experience


From customer-facing roles to support roles at all levels, Operations covers a diverse set of professions all of which underpin the efficiency and effectiveness of the wider insurance business. No matter your unique skills and experience, Davies has a wide variety of Operations jobs available, ensuring we find the perfect match for you.

Roles we specialise in:

  • Contact Centre Manager
  • Customer Service Director
  • Head of Contact Centre
  • Head of Quality
  • Head of Training
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Team Manager

Partner Management / Outsourcing

Partner Management, or Outsourcing management, roles are critical to the smooth running of firms with large numbers of contractors and partner businesses.

Roles in the sector are increasingly valuable as more firms seek to outsource for digital transformation. So, if you’d like to be at the forefront of change in the industry, Davies will support your career ambitions and help drive your goals.

Roles we specialise in:

  • Site Director
  • Vendor Manager
  • Outsourcing Account Manager
  • Outsourcing Account Director
  • Partner Management Account Manager
  • Partner Management Account Director


Resource Planning

Resource Planners maintain a delicate balancing act of projects, timekeeping, teams and budget whilst remaining flexible in their working practices.

Experienced resource planners are vital for maintaining staffing and for any business looking to scale rapidly. At Davies we can offer your support in finding Resource roles that best fit your expertise.

Roles we specialise in:

  • Head of Resource Planning
  • Real Time Analyst
  • Resource Planning Analyst
  • Resource Planning Manager

At Davies we offer services designed to support you in securing your next role in CX & Operations in the Insurance sector. We work hard to maintain a transparent and honest process and place the people we serve at the heart of our business. To start your journey with Davies, explore the roles available below.

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