Streamlining Travel Claims Handling: Intelligent Automation

The challenge

From first notification of loss, to processing payments, there are a range of opportunities to use automation to streamline the handling of insurance claims, reducing cost and risk whilst driving customer satisfaction.

At Davies, we have all the required skills to define, design, deliver and manage a successful enterprise-wide automation capability. We work in collaboration with our clients to align our resources with those already in place and get teams bought into the project. This collaborative approach lets our clients move fast and scale-up sooner.

The situation

A specialist provider of white label travel insurance wanted to introduce a more consistent, streamlined claims handling process across all its clients. It asked for support to develop an intelligent app that could be easily customised to different brands but that used the same underlying automated processes.

The solution

We started by scoping the requirements – understanding what information was required to set a claim in motion. We then looked at the steps in the internal process, such as where advisors would normally send out a form, to identify how these could be automated before working with a specialist partner in the automation sphere to create an app that achieved the client goals.

The outcome

The new app has now been rolled out across the majority of the white label services with considerable success. End user satisfaction is high – good news for the insurer’s clients, whose brand is at stake – while the automated process has reduced the cost of claims handling for the insurer. The delivery was well-timed, with the automated solution up and running ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a huge increase in travel claims.

David Leen

Client Director

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