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Managed Delivery of
Specialist Teams

We source and manage specialist teams, taking responsibility for delivering entire projects or processes, linking our payment to your success.

We deliver short term, time sensitive projects such as regulatory reviews and backlog clearance through to providing long term, fully outsourced delivery and operational resilience.

Rapid access to our network of over 20,000
home based specialists

Specialist experience

  • Financial Crime & Fraud
  • KYC/AML/On-boarding
  • Policy Administration (covers insurance and pensions)
  • Complaints & Remediation
  • QA/QC

Complete solution

Delivery Excellence

Dedicated project lead who can draw on the full range of Davies’ capabilities:

Davies' Complete Solution
  • Design & Set-Up

    Full process diagnostics, solution design and implementation support enabling rapid mobilisation.

  • Support Processes and Tools

    Access to best practice tools and processes for training, quality assurance and process automation.

  • Reporting and Insights

    Reporting, analytics, benchmarking and mystery shopping that deliver actionable insight to power change.

  • Bespoke Commercials

    Tailored payment mechanisms that link remuneration to our outputs and performance.

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